Lahore is the historical and old heritage city of Pakistan. The dense populated city is mostly Punjabi speaking and less number of migrated are Urdu speaking, location wise the city is at the bank of river Ravi (now Walled city or Old Lahore). Lahore is also famous for its cultural heritage of different Empires of Sub-continent. For this reason a number of visitors come to visit Lahore and enjoyed a lot with family.

At the same time these visitors keep interest to enjoy the tasty food of Lahore, they don’t miss the chance and look toward the good tasty food anywhere in Lahore.

Normally, the Lahori are also interest to eat tasty and the mirchi-masla food at once in a day. Majority of population are middle class. These families used to look the restaurants as their range of pocket. There are number of local restaurants and fast food points in Lahore. The most famous restaurants for karai or boneless Karai in Lahore are Yasir Broast, Anarkali food Street, Bandu Khan,Salt & Pepper and Namak, for Biryani,Polao and Broast Chicken piece, Lahore Broast is highly appreciated by visitors.




As a student I have experienced in Lahore, about the taste of foods. First I look my range hotel where the price is acceptable to me and my friends, Last time we went to Namak restaurant, as I saw the restaurant look I remembered the old heritage, when we entered the restaurant there were number of samples of Nan-Rooti at the front view of cooking staff, the Nans are different size and shape, I questioned the one in the staff what are these Nan-rooti’s name? In them one replied me the names of Nan-rooti of countries means Afgahni Naan, Irani Naan Peshawari Naan and sada Naan.

The internal view of Namak restaurant was unique decoration to others restaurants. There were two options for guest to sitting in Namak, the ground floor for the foreign style (chair table) and first floor looks in desi (sitting on floor ) with colorful handmade style carpet.



The receptionist was at the right direction, before to meet receptionist I found a Nigerian, we started to gossip about the restaurant and the taste of muttan karai in Namak. He told me the good hospitality of Namak and the karai, and then I appraised the decent nature of Pathan and their honest work in the field of restaurant.

Finally, we decided to meet the receptionist.

The menu had been seemed to us, was lengthy but mind blowing, little ambiguity in choice, we selected mutton karai for dinner with afghani-naan, the waiter was pathan and his behavior with us was normal, we ordered to him.

The mutton karai was delicious in taste and palatable. Its looks make us more appetite, when we remind the moment of Namak karai.

Another occasion,The Zaiqa Hotel, at the end of N-block Model town Extension, we faced the similar situation but the restaurant waiter was rude in behavior with us we general ordered him chicken karai, his laziness made us more impatience. We used good way to cope the waiter, we offered him tips of hospitality means to give him good incentive on his good duty.

At last, we complained on the waiter to the owner, the owner was pleasure in nature he thanked to us and left us good wishes.