With the whole world buzzing about going organic, keeping up with the Jones’ seems to be easier for Pakistani growers who are ditching heavily industrialised and chemical ridden agrarian practices and switching them up for traditional, sustainable farming methods that have been practiced in our land since time immemorial. Here’s some of the best suppliers out there for you to dig into organic.


Nadoz Greenz – Lahore


Nadoz Greenz features, amongst other things, an impressive array of organic herbs grown using their sustainable growing practices which include using NO fertilisers, pesticides and preservatives. Hot item on their list is Himalayan Pink Salt, a healthier alternative to your average grocery store salt variety. You can order online and have your produce delivered to your doorstep. Some items are available sporadically throughout the year at Hyperstar.




Sungold Organic – Karachi

A farm that’s touting its farm-fresh to doorstep slogan everywhere: that they “deliver [organic veggies] to your homes within four hours of harvesting!” Over at Sungold Organic in Malir outside of Karachi, inorganic fertilisers are shunned and are replaced with healthier, organic, natural and sustainable alternatives, most of which they produce themselves. Additionally, they irrigate with potable water and employ local female workers to create income generation within the neighbouring communities.

+92 (0) 345 2005309


Deh Kakar, Malir District, Karachi

Hours: Mon-Sat: 14:30 – 18:30

0342-2382731, 0345-2008247


Roshni – Lahore


Primarily focused on bettering the lives of special children, Roshni’s impact extends much further than just that. The organisation’s grounds grow organic food including fruits and vegetables and eggs; primarily grown for the staff and students, it is featured frequently for sale at farmers markets in Lahore and at Panjeeri (Main Market, Gulberg, +92 (0420 38433453). Sidebar: they have delicious bakery products alongside their organic produce. For bakery related inquiries, contact +92 (0) 331 4725635. Call in at the farm to find out what’s in season: +92 (0) 303 4250456.

Roshni Association, Karbath Soling, Bedian Road, Lahore. P.O.Box: 11073 D.H.A, Lahore

Zacky farms – Lahore



Zacky farms is applying a systematic modern approach that looks at the larger aspects of farming organic that include generating electricity from biogas. They grow a variety of crops and deliver milk from happy, nourished, exercised Australian cows that have not been injected with hormones and the like. Organic cheeses, wheat, poultry, eggs and fruits and veggies are just a call away.

Zacky Farms store: 37 XX Commercial Phase III DHA Lahore

Store hours are 8am – 9pm.

+92 (0) 323 8770777

Reef’s Organic Box – Islamabad

Reef’s Organic Box is a hip supplier of organic fare that includes spices, eggs, wheat flour, sugar and desi ghee. Their slogan hints at their manifesto:  “You can eat organic for less; the way your grandparents did!” – going back to the basics and being all about simple and wholesome food. Find an array of desi, local and seasonal drinks on their menu.



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