Tell me about how your practice became one which included the whole family. How did you all get into dentistry?

Dr.Amin: I always wanted to be a pilot, but when I went to Air Force Academy , I was rejected due  to a heart murmur. My dad sent me to the medical college for registrations. I had no interest in Medical Sciences but once I started school there, I started to really appreciate denstistry.

Dr. Farzana: My dream from the beginning was to be a housewife-haha! Ironice, no? Studying was the last thing on my mother forcibly made me join Medical School- I was literally in tears  as I filled the form and she stood over me. I was one of the few females in a male-dominanted class. When I met Amin, he was already a Harvard graduate. We took forwards our love for dentistry when we opened a small clinic in F6 Islamabad.

Dr. Ameen: I got into dentistry quite late in life. There is misconception that kids follow their parents when it comes to career paths, but for me this truly wasn’t the case. I had absolutely no interest in Medical Science haha! I pursued my degree in Journalism first, from University of North Carolina, after which  I played golf for Pakistan. And still I was nowhere near denstistry- this one time I saw my dad pull out a tooth in surgery, and at first I was disgusted but slowly it started to fascinate me.







What are some of the most common concerns that you see in your clientele?  And what some of the newest techniques/equipment you use to address these problems?

Dr. Amin: One of the biggest concerns of oral health is oral hygenie. We see a lot of dirty mouths. Lack of basic dental techniques, which can easily be performed at home, is lacking in our society. Brushing your teeth twice a day, and visiting your dentist every 6 months is highly important. Your mouth is the gateway to your body. If you can stop a disease entering your mouth, you can stop it from reaching your body. You can stop yourself from getting stomach disease simply by taking care of your oral hygenie.

Dr. Aleem:  In the last couple of years dentistry has really become technological and advanced. One of the latest technological advancements is the Straumann ITI Implant System which basically uses our own human bone to form a bone around a dental implant. How phenomenal is that? And we’re the only ones to guarantee you a life long implant. But we didn’t stop there- we took it up one notch when we got our hands on a 3D cadcam, which is a 3D tooth printing and milling in layman’s terms. In a few minutes, the machine pops out a perfect tooth. This has really revolutionized aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

How  do you balance your hectic work schedules and your home lives? What are some hobbies/practices that help you relieve some of the pressure?

Hahaha! (both father and son share a good laugh)

Dr.Amin:  Balancing life at home and work can be a tough task. I wake up at 5 every morning and go play golf with my buddies.

Dr.Aleem: I work out regularly, which means waking up at 5 AM and rushing to the gym. On the top of that I have taken a huge interest in the profession of mountain climbing. I have climbed 7 peaks in Pakistan, m ost prominently Nanga Parbat in 2014. I think that balancing your work and personal life is important but making them co-relate and enjoyable is the right way to go about it.


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Tell me about the exponential expansion of the practice to include clinics in three different continents- how did it come about?

Dr. Farzana: when I got my degree from UNC, I opened my first clinic in North Carolina, and a sister clinic in Raleigh. As we started branching out I became a consultant at our practice in Manhattan. Basically what we want to do is establish a name which people can turn to anywhere in the world when they have a toothache.

Let’s talk a little about growing up with two of the country’s biggest dental icons. Was there a lot of pressure to follow the same path?

Dr.Aleem: (laughing) Yes, there was a lot of pressure in the beginning. I was not pressured by my parents to go into dentistry, but rather by society. It was only after professional journalism, and representing Pakistan in golf, that I moved towards dentistry.  Earlier, it wasn’t always easy growing up- it was very difficult for me as a brother of a special needs kid, to accept how he was treated at school. I still remember one time I beat a kid up in fifth grade because he constantly bullied my autistic brother. Oh boy, I hope this won’t be held against me!


Catching up with…




Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

I know my parents are expecting me to say it’s them. But my inspirations come from different sources, and yes of course them too. Okay so now that they are happy- another source of inspiration is Gandhi.  I believe in following the rules of love, and transforming a whole empire. I make sure that at Rahman & Rahman, everyone is taken care of, whether a janitor, or a director. And oh, yes, don’t get me confused with the pseudo-intellectual but I love to read Rumi in my spare time, HAHA!






 Tell me a little about your latest philanthropic pursuits. Why and how did you feel the need to take your dental work to SOS, the Special Olympics and to Hunza?

My motivation and inspiration for helping special kids comes from my brother Ahmad. He has autism, and it’s the main reason we moved to United States. There’s a special place in our hearts for kids with special needs. Ahmad is the driving force for us, and he has taught us that life can be very simple.  And because of him, and his unconditional love, we have been treating kids with special needs, SOS kids, and the Special Olympics free of cost for the past five years. Nobody gets left behind. #smilepakistan

So let me ask the question all the single ladies want to answer to –what are one of the country’s most eligible bachelor’s plans to settle down and take the plunge?

Oh God, why do they always ask me this? Hahaha!

So far, there is no set time or date, for the plunge-haha! I would like to have someone in my life that is as driven to success as I see my parents and myself. And so far I just have been disappointed, but ladies, if you are out there and reading this, you know what I need- haha! But right now my goal is to carry on with my education from Harvard for Post-Grad. (Pssst… girls, he blushed the whole time while answering this one).





  1. He spent two months in a monastery in Thailand learning about the Buddhist culture.
  2. He became the first person to climb Jalliper’s Peak in the winter.
  3. He has a Britney Spears poster in his wardrobe.
  4. He wears green pajamas to bed every night.
  5. He’s a quarter German.
  6. He follows a zero-carb diet.
  7. He likes his steaks rare.
  8. He represented Pakistan internationally in Golf FOUR times.