He wasn’t always going to be an actor

Farhan’s actually completed Computer Engineering from Fast Lahore! You, you heard us right- he was going to be an engineer! After his debut with De Ijazat Jo Tu, he has proven to be a fantastic actor. His superb performances in his hit serials Udaari and Teri Chah Mein make us wonder when the rock-star will make a debut on the big screen!

He’s a health buff, now…


“Recently I have become strictly diet-conscious. I eat right and I work out every day which I think everyone should”, he tells TGIF.

His record-breaking career, in numbers


  • Farhan got his first national award in 2004 at the age of 18, in the first year of his career.
  • He’s performed at about 70 concerts in the last year, of which 50 took place in Pakistan, making him the only Pakistani singer to have performed so many concerts.
  • His most popular song/album is Sajni/Boondh. The album sold 50,000 copies within one week of its release.


Some HUGE international projects are in the pipeline…

Farhan’s previous international collaborations include a song titled Naam-e-Wafa for  Bipasha Basu’s Creature 3D but recently hes been spotted working closely with Mohit Suri and a little birdie tells us a collaboration with  Rishi Rich is also in the process. We can’t wait!


  He’s a quint- essential romantic

Farhan’s the perfect gentleman whenever he’s with his better half-protective and not afraid of some good ol’ PDA. “It was destined I guess. We met, we connected and that’s all I remember. There’s been no looking back since then. She completes me. I think only a few of us are lucky enough to find their soul mates and I am one of them”.



The things he loves about Urwa (and something he doesn’t quite love)…


“She is a perfectionist which goes well with my star sign. She is a brilliant actor. And that’s she loves meJ”. So cute. But he’s not a big fan when she “makes me wait if we have to go out”.  When will boys understand that it’s innate biology? Girls will always make boys wait! Don’t worry Urwa, we’ve got your back!

He’s a man of all seasons- musician, restaurateur, actor…

He says “I love pushing myself to do different things. Music has always been the first love but I thoroughly enjoy acting as well. Running a restaurant is also an incredible experience, as it also had live music as its special attraction, to which people of Lahore responded really well. I also enjoy writing sometimes- I wrote my song “Tu thori dayr” myself and quite a few others- I wish to utilize my creative abilities to their full extent”.

Udaari has been his favourite project

 “For an artist every project is special but yes there are a few that become your identity”, he tells us ‘like ‘Woh Lamhey’ was special because it was the first song I did and it turned into a sensation. Then ‘sajni’, ‘Pi jaun’, ‘Halka Halka Suroor’ and ‘Roiyaan’ won me several awards so they are very special. As far acting, I loved ‘Udaari’ and it’s by far my favourite project.

 The extent of wedding publicity was a surprise!


“The publicity was certainly not our intention but yes every single moment of wedding festivies did go viral. The amount of love we received and the way it was trending on social media platform was a surprise to us but I say, the more the love the better”.


His concerts all over the country have racked up some SERIOUS  travel miles (and he loves it)

It just might be one of his favourite things! “The youth’s response to the concert culture has always been huge and of Pakistan I perform in that I get to enjoy the fan following I have and experience the unbelievable amount of love they shower upon us. It’s a heart-warming experience”.