Art is a diverse range of creations. Innovation itself is an art. Capturing emotional appeal is what triggers a true sense of aesthetics. Getting to the base of artist’s imagination is what counts as one of the factors of success.

Vladimir Volegov won several international competitions for poster art in 1984. His creative art was used in designing posters, CDs and cassette covers for musical groups. His art flourished in Europe greatly and he traveled to many places to take inspiration from like, Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna and other European cities.

Every stroke of his brush is a masterly finesse. His art takes one into a lustrous world of colors and dreams.

Picture 1: WARM ON TERRACE—oil in canvass 101×76 cm. theme.

Warm on terrace 101x 76 cm

Depicts an exquisite view of blooming flowers and woman on terrace. Her flowy gown and the use of pastel colors provide a naturalistic piece of day time. With flowers and rich sunshine painted in the picture complements the mesmerizing beauty.

Picture 2: Luminous girl 92×73 cm oil on canvass 2010

Luminous girl 92x73 cm oil on canvass 2010

Gushing innocence and a youthful smile is captivating. The artist flashes out the theme of an attractive woman. She seems lost in her world of dreams and passion. An art satisfying the aesthetic sense is a true art. The combination of thick lines and mixture of pink and blue shades provide a more real feel to the background.

Picture 3: Tea on terrace


The opulence of flowers, greenery, different types of colors for flowers exhibits a more enticing view with femininity being the conspicuous part of it. The woman in the picture seems to have taken a plunge in the blooming vigor of love. Her dress accentuates her curvaceous figure in the most elegant way. The artist has successfully created a combination of dreams, melancholy and beauty.

Picture 4: Commission, oil in canvass 60×70 cm

Commission, oil in canvass 60x70 cm

A beautiful old woman in large road-side field walking among the beautiful red roses.  A pleasant smile and an impish dimple on her face provide a spark and spirit of the generous sunrays falling upon her dress. Her motion is captured while she is gazing down aimlessly and a few strands of her hair moving with the wind. Her dainty and delicate stroll in the fields can remind anyone of Wordsworth’s encounter with a maiden in the fields while travelling through the highlands.

Picture 5:  Feb 2017

Feb 2017

Creation and creator both in one canvass. The artist’s paint brush strokes magic. The depth of narration in her eyes gazing down and a subtle look of passion amalgamate successfully with her thoughtful eyes.

Picture 6: 92×65 cm year 2007

92x65 cm year 2007

A young girl with a teddy bear in her arms looking into a small pond with water glistening under the sunshine. The felt eagerness and curiosity is embedded in her soul.

Picture 7: Lost in dreams 92×73 cm, oil in canvass, December 2016

Lost in dreams 92x73 cm Dec 2016

The artist allows the viewers to feel the moment. With no face shown in the picture but a sleek woman delicately holding her scarf, the artist projects true essence of liveliness. Staring at the deep blue ocean, the woman in her long frilled-frock seems to be captivated with the majestic ocean. Her hair neatly tied back. The blend of blue colors and using different shades of blue, the artist skillfully employs celestial and heaven-like freshness in the canvass.

Picture 8: The mood 92x 73 cm, oil on canvass. 2010

The mood 92x73 cm oil on canvass year 2010

Red draped gown, the artist strokes his brush and brings the art to life.  A voluptuous stroke of dream and passion red color blend soulfully with the roses in the background. The sun beams on her terrace make a perfect time of the day.

Picture 9: Listening Chopin 92×73 cm oil on canvass Jan 2017, summer memories from holidays at Usadba ‘Skornyakovo- Arkhangelskoe’.

Listening Choping 92x73 cm Summer memories

A dreamy and yet melancholic picture. The artist shows a reflection of the subject’s memories which are flawlessly rusted upon every detail of the picture.

As Henry David Thoreau says, ‘The world is but a canvass to our imagination’.