Breakups can be tough, and it’s imperative to move on immediately. It isn’t easy, of course.

You may pour your heart out to your friends, tear his photos, delete his messages but it’s not enough.

You need someone who can make you feel the same way, and may never disappoint you!

What is it? Its food, my dear ladies!

Karachi Food Guide has, carefully chosen 11 meals for Karachites, which can bring happiness back to their single -life.

So if you know anyone, who is going through a rough time, take them out to these places right away.


1) Tender Wings – Chop Chop Wok

Rating: 7/10

Nothing feels better than ripping bones apart, eat like no one’s watching, bury your fingers in the sticky sauce, and forget that he ever existed.




2) Walnut Choco Tart – Lals

Rating: 8/10

The flavor of the chocolate hits the right nerves as soon as it touches your tongue.  Lose yourself in this sweet expedition.




3) Mini Burgers – Pantry

Rating: 7/10

Trio of Burger served with fries. Beef takes almost 72 hours to digest; hence these burgers have a lasting affect, succulent patty, combined with jalapenos.




4) La Dolce Vita – The Saucy Mistress  

Rating: 8/10

Nights can be lonely, but fear not, these desserts shall provide you with the best company. Scoop into this rich chocolate journey and you shall never feel alone.




5) Brownie Ala – Cold Stone

Rating: 9/10

Okay, I shall recommend to those who were almost in love, rich brownie combined with ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts topped with whipped cream.  Let’s wipe away those tears.




6) Feraro Pancakes – Cosmopolitan


Stacks of pancakes covered with melted Feraro Rocher, with a base of whipped cream.  Start your day with these pancakes and you won’t even think about him for the rest of the day.



7) Trio Fries –  Mews

Rating: 7/10

Three distinctly flavored fries, each jar, loaded with calories, just enough to mend that broken heart.




8) Double Melt Pizza – Dominos

Rating: 9/10

Pizza loaded with cheese, like heaps of it, cheddar, mozzarella, cream cheese, who needs a man after Dominos.




9) Bread Pudding – Delfiro       

Rating: 8/10

Freshly baked pudding, it’s warm and gooey just like a mother’s hug.




10) Coppa Romana – Bella Vita

Rating: 9/10

Combination of three ice creams, chocolate, biscotto, Feraro topped with roasted almonds, and drizzled with Bella Vita special sauce.



11) Aloo Paratha – Chai Wala

Rating : 10/10

Desi solution is what works best for any of us.  Perfect golden paratha, cooked in ghee, can do wonders. Just try.



There you go folks, no need to shed any more tears, head out, and turn that frown to a big, radiant smile.

Signing off,

Karachi Food Guide

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