Get sun exposure.

Spending our days cloistered inside is a historical aberration. We’re meant to be outside, exposed to the sun from time to time. Full spectrum sun exposure promotes the production of vitamin D (a pro hormone responsible for hundreds of important physiological functions and health effects), nitric oxide (which maintains and improves endothelial function and blood flow), and happiness (which is tough to quantify but who doesn’t feel better after being in the sun?). Plus, getting full sunlight in the morning and afternoon helps establish a natural, healthy circadian rhythm. You shouldn’t burn yourself. You don’t need to suntan or “lay out.” But smart, sensible, moderate amounts of sun are far better for your health than avoiding it altogether.

I have been writing every single day for the past eighteen months without missing a day so far



While taking an examination on nutrition, I stumbled upon the realization that I was only getting 5% of my daily requirement of Vitamin D. Now, as someone who has unfailingly pointed out the many risks of being deficient in Vitamin D, this honestly came as a shock to me. I prided myself on all the knowledge I had gathered and also that I was eating a complete meal. Clearly not. Vitamin D, as you know by now, is one of the most vital vitamins that your body needs. Being deficient can lead to debilitating illnesses. How on earth could I be deficient?


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