Many of us struggle silently with mental health problems and many more are affected by them, either directly or indirectly. It’s Geek Mental Heath and we would like to help raise awareness with a couple of articles exploring these issues and offering solutions. 

Everywhere we go, from ground to sky, we are surrounded by noises. Cars, planes, trains and people are just a few examples of what can be heard throughout any city or town. These noises stimulate our ears almost 24 hours a day, and few choices are available to us for avoiding them — one being specialist equipment, such as noise-cancelling headphones. Being aware of the noises around you will increase your comfort and ability to work more efficiently.



This article will help you become more informed about the impact that noise has on your life. We’ll discuss the good and bad sides of noise and sound (yes, they are different), so that you can use both to benefit your personal well-being. We will look into the science behind why we get distracted by noise and how we can reduce and even negate it.

Talking colleagues is a primary cause of performance loss and distraction when someone needs to focus on their work



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