“Obviously I don’t expect him to message back but I’ll always tell him I’m really proud of what he’s doing and what he’s achieved and he’s an inspiration.

“He’s a lovely lad. I know he’s got this persona and he’s selling fights with it.

“But he was a lovely lad growing up, obviously he trained to handle himself and he has taken that into his career now.

“Of course he can come and watch Kilmarnock…and he’s invited me over to Vegas!

“No, I’m just messing. Whenever he wants to pop over to Killie I’ll put him up for a night!”

Football teams, even in youth sports, generally have a large number of players on the team. Kids will learn to develop the skills to make and keep friends, and work together with those friends. Since there are 11 players on the field, it’s extremely important for each player to work with the rest of the team to win a game or even have a successful play.

Youth football has become one of the most popular sports for young children. There are many advantages of playing football at a young age, and we know it’s extremely beneficial for your child to be a part of a team sport. Here’s a few advantages of playing football and how the sport can help your child grow. You’ve heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect.” It’s true that you have to practice, practice, practice in order to improve at anything, but especially at a sport. Often times, kids don’t realize the commitment they’ve made, and they will dread suiting up in their uniform on some of those hot, summer days. When you teach your kids that they have to practice and they have to keep up with their commitments and responsibilities, they’ll develop a strong work ethic that will last them long into the future.


Of course, another one of the advantages of playing football is the physical and mental toughness that is required to succeed. When kids first start playing a sport, they don’t realize the mental and physical capacity it takes to dedicate yourself to the sport while still getting their schoolwork and chores done, too. A sport like football will stretch and shape your child to give their best effort and work through any obstacles that may be in their way.




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